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The entire team here at Enfield Skips Ltd would like to welcome you to our new blog page. Here, we will share the latest news from the company, as well as updates and tips from the wider industry. So, to keep up to date with all of our latest work, advice and guides on both waste disposal and skip usage, then check back here regularly for our informative blog posts.

The History of the Skip

The modern day skip has undergone a series of revolutionary developments over the past century. It was once little more than a clump of waste being lugged to a dumping ground via horsepower. Nowadays, skips are easy to transport and provide ample space to hold waste of all type and size. This article is going […]

Why Should We Recycle?

In 2019 there is no excuse for recycling not to be an integral part of society. Encouragingly, the UK has attained a household recycling rate of 45.2% in the past two years, with a target of 50% aiming to be achieved by 2020. These are positive statistics; and while greater efforts can always be made, […]

New Year’s Resolution – Reducing Waste and Recycling More

Every day, the actions of human beings contribute to the copious amounts of greenhouse gases that damage our ozone layer. We’ve permitted an abundance of waste to rot in landfill and pollute our oceans. And the colossal demand for our everyday products and necessities is causing the rapid depletion of our planet’s natural resources. Luckily, […]

The Scariest Items Found in Skips

With Halloween fast approaching, Enfield Skips thought it would be only fitting to tell some scary stories in this month’s blog post. Forget ghosts, ghouls and axe-wielding murderers, we’ve got three tales of horror that are sure to give you goosebumps – and what’s more, they’re all real. We call this collection ‘The Scariest Items […]

What is asbestos and how is it removed?

You may have heard about asbestos, you may even be aware of its dangers, but are you aware that if your house was built between 1930 and 1999, it is almost guaranteed to contain asbestos? In this article we will be explaining what asbestos is, the dangers involved and when it’s important to get asbestos […]

What is a skip permit and do you need one?

When undertaking a large domestic renovation project, you may need something a little larger than the household bin. At Enfield Skips, we offer a variety of different sized skips for all your waste disposal needs. Many people are unaware that they will need to obtain a skip permit to hire a skip in certain situations. […]

How to reduce your carbon footprint

You may think reducing your carbon footprint starts with using your car less and walking more, and if you think this you’d certainly be right. However, there is much more to it than just that, by unplugging your technology, eating less meat, avoiding ‘fast fashion’, line-drying clothes, eating locally sourced food, installing solar panels and […]

The benefits of short term skip hire

Skip hire is a service that can help you with numerous projects, whether you’re clearing out your home or office, it’s something that can save you both time and money. Forget those countless trips to the tip and hire yourself a short term skip that offers you convince and responsible waste disposal – so you […]

5 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Skip

Whether you’re hiring a skip for the first time or you’ve hired one in the past – there’s always 5 important things you need to know before booking your skip: know the skip size you need, the location for the drop off and pick up, whether you need a license, what must not go inside […]

Why recycling is important

Recycling is important and if you do not already know why, Enfield Skips are here to help explain to you the many benefits it has on the world we live in. If that’s not enough, we’re also here to share with you what materials you should be recycling. So you too, can make a difference […]