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What is a skip permit and do you need one?

Skip Hire

What is a skip permit and do you need one?

When undertaking a large domestic renovation project, you may need something a little larger than the household bin. At Enfield Skips, we offer a variety of different sized skips for all your waste disposal needs. Many people are unaware that they will need to obtain a skip permit to hire a skip in certain situations. This article will be exploring what a skip permit is and whether you’ll need one for your next project.

What is a skip permit?

A skip permit is a necessary license issued by the council that allows you to leave and use a skip on a public road. If you are to use your skip in a garden, driveway or other private property, then you won’t need to obtain a permit, but you will need one to leave it in a public area. You won’t be able to just put it on a pavement either, as this can be a safety hazard.

How do I obtain a skip permit?

There are two ways to obtain a skip permit. The first is through your local council. There is no universal system for how to do this; however, you will need to go to your local council website to find more information. Usually it is just a case of filling out some online forms. Alternatively, when you hire a skip from Enfield Skips, and you plan to use it on a public road, we’ll sort out the permit for you!

How much will it cost?

There is usually a charge for obtaining a skip permit from either the council or from us. This can vary depending on area.

Are there other rules when hiring a skip?

Yes. There are a few other regulations to keep in mind when hiring a skip.

In terms of positioning:

Your skip must not be blocking any driveways that aren’t your own.

Your skip must be positioned lengthwise along any road.

Your skip must not be placed within 15 metres of a junction.

You will need a parking permit if your skip is placed on yellow lines.

Your skip cannot be placed on grates, manhole covers or other utility access points.

In terms of safety:

The skip must be painted yellow on both sides

The skip hire company’s name and telephone number must be clearly displayed

The skip should have appropriate reflective markings, lighting and road markings.

The exact regulations for these can vary depending on council. Contact your local council for the exact rules for lights and markings on your skip.

How am I going to remember all this?!

Luckily for you, our skips all come ready with reflective markings, our name and phone number on the sides, and the correct yellow safety colour. We will also deliver your skip to a suitable location and can sort out the permit so that you don’t have to worry! Simply take advantage of our skip hire service either online or over the phone and we’ll sort the rest out for you.

Here at Enfield Skips, we’re experts in the waste management industry, and we’ll ensure you receive all the necessary permits for a smooth, efficient service. If you’d like any further advice, or to enquire about any of products or services, give our friendly staff a call or contact us on our website.


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