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How to reduce your carbon footprint


How to reduce your carbon footprint

You may think reducing your carbon footprint starts with using your car less and walking more, and if you think this you’d certainly be right. However, there is much more to it than just that, by unplugging your technology, eating less meat, avoiding ‘fast fashion’, line-drying clothes, eating locally sourced food, installing solar panels and planting a garden – you can drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

This month, Enfield Skips are here to share with you the truth behind all of these changes and prove to you, how a few basic changes to your lifestyle can make the world of difference.

Unplug technology

Just because your phone isn’t attached to the wire that’s currently in the plug socket, you are still extracting energy from the socket. Remove the plug once you have finished charging or switch ‘off’ the socket!

Eat less meat

The production of meat is one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gas emissions. Agribusiness is a much bigger problem than fossil fuel but it’s something that’s not talked about as commonly. Over the past 30 years meat production has crept up and become accountable for nearly half of the world’s carbon budget – which means the levels will soon become unsafe if we carry on increasing our consumption.

By reducing the sheer amount of meat we consume and opting for vegetarian meals even just once a week, we can help our carbon footprint. Also, try to opt for food with less packaging because less waste means less landfill and this makes for a happier and healthier planet.    

Say ‘NO’ to fast fashion

What’s ‘in season’ and what’s ‘hot right now’ is known as fast fashion and this creates a throw away society. These trendy must-haves that are incredibly cheap fall to the wayside once out of fashion and landfill becomes packed with millions of tonnes of textiles.

Little did you know:

Textiles create a contamination issue too – more than half of the textiles produced in true fast fashion style are sprayed with pesticides, and once they’ve been worn once and thrown away, they are placed into the ground, affecting soil and water supplies. Not to mention, if they are made overseas, shipping will add to pollution.

Line-dry clothes

We understand that time is of the essence and that sunny days in the UK are few and far between but on the days we do experience sun, try line-drying clothes instead of using your tumble dryer. Not only will this be good for the environment but good for your energy bills too because a tumble dryer uses 5 times more energy than it does to actually wash the clothes in your washing machine!

Reuse, recycle!

Enfield Skips have been perfecting the art of waste management for years and we are committed to environmentally-friendly waste management for all customers, both domestic and commercial. We always aim to recycle at least 90% of the waste that you dump in our skips because unwanted rubbish can nearly always be turned into something else.

So do your bit and reduce your carbon footprint with Enfield Skips. By hiring a skip for your premises, you can avoid multiple trips to the tip, saving fuel and the planet! Be thoughtful and manage your waste and actions responsibly.


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