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Choose a Good Skip Hire Company and Avoid the Dangers of Unlicensed Waste Carriers

Skip Hire

Choose a Good Skip Hire Company and Avoid the Dangers of Unlicensed Waste Carriers

Here at Enfield Skips, we like to talk about the fact that we are a fully-licensed skip hire company. However, this isn’t us trying to toot our own horn, this is for your benefit too. When you choose a licensed skip hire company, you know that your service is going to adhere to certain standards. When you choose an unlicensed waste carrier, there’s a good chance that your waste will be disposed of illegally – and this can be traced back to you, along with a hefty fine.

Let’s take a look at this in more detail.

Why should you choose a licensed skip hire company?

Peace of mind: this is the key reason. When you choose a licensed waste carrier, you can be absolutely certain that the waste you’re trying to dispose of will actually end up where it should. An unlicensed waste carrier could well just try and fly tip your waste, or dispose of hazardous waste in a dangerous fashion.

Cheaper in the long run: unlicensed waste carriers might try and entice you with cheaper prices, but that’s because they have no intention of disposing your waste legally. When you opt for a licensed carrier, you can be secure in the knowledge that the extra money you spend is going towards waste management processes that are above board and, crucially, won’t result in fines.

What are the dangers of unlicensed waste carriers?

Fines of up to £400: as we mentioned elsewhere, one of the biggest dangers of not checking a waste carrier’s license is that you could end up with a fine. This is because, if the waste is yours, you are responsible for its disposal.

Contributing to environmental crimes: when you choose an unlicensed waste carrier, you are enabling fly-tipping. Not only does this blight both urban and rural communities, but it can also be hazardous for those who live near the tipped waste.

How do I check if a skip hire company is licensed?

The best way to check if a company is licensed is to simply ask them for their license number. However, if you would prefer not to do this, you can always check online with the Environment Agency whether their license is valid here. You can also contact them by calling 08708 506506.

How do I choose a good skip hire company?

One of the tactics that rogue waste carriers use is to target people on social media and offer cheap disposal of furniture and heavy white goods. Our first piece of advice would be to avoid these messages at all cost.

The best way to find a good, reputable skip hire company in your area is to simply look it up. When you find a company, be sure to check their website and look for mentions of their license and accreditations.


If you’re in need of a waste disposal service but are concerned about unlicensed waste carriers, Enfield Skips can help. As fully-licensed skip hire company, we can guarantee that your waste will be disposed of safely, responsibly and efficiently. For more information about the services we offer, or for some advice, please get in touch with our friendly team today.


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