The Scariest Items Found in Skips

With Halloween fast approaching, Enfield Skips thought it would be only fitting to tell some scary stories in this month’s blog post. Forget ghosts, ghouls and axe-wielding murderers, we’ve got three tales of horror that are sure to give you goosebumps – and what’s more, they’re all real. We call this collection ‘The Scariest Items Found in Skips’. Read on… if you dare!


When residents of Old Palace Road awoke on a frosty morning in 2007, they got dressed, went downstairs and had their morning cup of… coffin? To their astonishment, a large, sinister coffin was towering out of their skip. Shocked, they soon called the police. The coffins were found to be empty, but the mystery surrounding the coffin still haunts them to this day. Who put the coffin there? What was their intention? How did they manage to remain undetected in such a busy part of the city? For now, these questions remain unanswered. While the coffin was later removed, the chilling image of the deathly casket lingers on.

WWII Artillery Shell

Fictional horror often portrays sadistic violence, weaponry and murder. However, little compares to the true horror involved in the world’s biggest war. Thankfully, World War II is long finished, but for two unsuspecting skip drivers, the true terror of war crept up on them in the most unexpected of places.

In 2006, two skip drivers embarked on their everyday routine collecting skips around Cornwall. As they approached what appeared to be a normal looking skip, they noticed something that made their hairs stand on end. A World War Two naval artillery shell was casually perched within. Unsure about the shell, but not willing to take any risks, the skip drivers called the emergency services. The Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Squad swiftly arrived and declared it not only to be real – but live. Horrifyingly, the fully active artillery shell was sitting in a public place, dangerously close to a petrol station. Were the shell to explode, it would likely cause rapid destruction and certain death.

The shell was heroically disarmed and destroyed by the bomb squad in a safe area. Many residents of Cornwall are still unaware to this day of how close they came to a real naval artillery explosion.


Many people claim to have seen spirits or spoken to ghosts, but no one has been visited by the dead in quite the same way as the victims in our next story.

The staff at Gamble Plant, a Norfolk-based skip hire firm, are no strangers to finding freaky items in their skips. After previously discovering prosthetic limbs, the team thought nothing could surprise them any further. Little did they know of the shock that soon awaited them. On one Winter’s day in 2015, workers peered in a skip to find an urn – filled with ashes. The eerie urn contained the remains of a pensioner who had been cremated almost twenty years prior.

A single card detailing the pensioner’s name was found buried within the ashes. The company tried to find anyone who had any connection to the deceased, but for a long time, no one could be tracked. Her death remained a mystery – until contact with her granddaughter was finally made. Shocked, the granddaughter collected the urn – but had no explanation of how her grandmother’s remains had ended up in that skip.

To this day, her grandmother’s journey remains a mystery.


Here at Enfield Skips, we may not cater for coffins, artillery or urns, but we do provide skips for all types of projects. Whether domestic or commercial, household waste or hazardous waste, we have the skips to help you. For more information, or to enquire about our services further, give our friendly team a call today.